Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s Private Life Scrutinized In American Press

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is in the spotlight after newly surfaced documents allegedly show evidence of her involving in bigamy.

These allegations began in 2016 when Omar was running for Congress. Omar came under fire after the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board discovered that she had filed joint taxes with Ahmed Hirsi (her current husband) who she was not legally married to at that time whilst still being legally married to Ahmed Nur Said Elmi.

The press claimed that Elmi was the congresswoman’s brother, insinuating that it was a marriage that took place for immigration purposes. Omar released a statement claiming that the allegations were ‘absolutely false and ridiculous’, even going as far as to explain in detail the deeply personal history of her relationship with both men.

Some news websites across the United States have covered this story and the discovery of the new documents in a highly sensationalized manner, with headlines such as: ‘New Documents Shed Light On Ilhan Omar’s Marriage To Her Alleged Brother’, ‘Omar Faces Questions After Report Fails to Disprove She Married Her Brother to Protect His Immigration Status’, ‘Ilhan Omar filed joint tax returns with husband while married to another man’ alleging that Omar is not being truthful about the nature of her past relationships.

At the time of writing, congresswoman Ilhan Omar and her team are yet to release a statement addressing the release of the documents.

*This article was originally posted on our previous website on 25th June 2019.

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