Girl Killed And Raped By Bus Driver And Tout In Hargeisa

On 13th July, reports surfaced on social media about the murder and rape of a girl who has been identified as Hinda Omar in Hargeisa. It is not clear how old the victim was.

The girl’s family and the people who discovered her body spoke to local media detailing the gruesome case. According to Hinda’s sister-in-law who was the last person to see her alive, Hinda boarded a bus with only the driver and tout inside at approximately 8:40 pm. The family was informed of her death at 9:00 pm.

The family stated that Hinda’s body was examined by doctors who concluded that the girl was raped and murdered.

One of the interviewees detailed how she personally investigated the case by asking around to find out who was driving that particular route. She states that the driver was found in a restaurant, and that he allegedly acknowledged driving the girl but that she mysteriously disappeared from the bus as if she was a jinn.

The victim’s family and women in the community are demanding the local government to investigate and bring about swift justice for Hinda.

The Somaliland Human Rights Centre, a local human rights advocacy organization based in Hargeisa, in a series of tweets stated that “we are concerned that such cases are increasing, public awareness is limited and a lack of accountability and responsibility on everyone in Somaliland to fix and eradicate such a problem”.

The Somaliland police are currently investigating the case.

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