Body Of A Young Woman Found Under A Tree In Northern City Of Burco

On the 6th of February, reports surfaced on local media stating that the body of a young woman was found with brutal bodily wounds under a tree in the outskirts of Burco in the Toghdeer region of Somaliland.

The young woman, who has been identified as Nimco Ibrahim, was said to have been herding her livestock at the time of her murder.

The Governor of Toghdeer Mohamed Diiriye Xayd spoke to the media and stated that the body of Nimco was in the morgue of the main hospital in Burco and that the police are working to arrest the perpetrators. According to the governor, doctors were still determining whether or not the victim was also raped.

Following the news of Nimco’s murder, women in Burco took to the streets to protest and voice their concerns at the growing number of rape cases in the region. The women made an emotional plea to the Somaliland administration, urging them to investigate the case and seek justice for the late Nimco.

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