16-Year-Old Girl In Mogadishu Caught On Video Confessing To Working With Child Abductors

Several videos of a young woman being questioned about her involvement in child abduction have been circulating on social media.

The girl details in the videos how she was promised $500 a month by a group of older women if she managed to abduct children for them. She states in the video that she was told to “bring any child that you see”. When she inquired if the child wouldn’t cry, she stated that she was told to get “a small child who is still crawling”.

In the videos, you can hear the voices of two men who are presumed to be police officers. The men ask the girl questions regarding her ties with the women, how she got in contact with them and what the job that she was offered would entail. Some of the questions that the girl was asked could be considered to be irrelevant to the case. One of the men questioning the girl can be heard asking the 16-year-old if she’d ever been married and if she is still a virgin.

In the last clip, the girl ended up confessing to intending to abduct a child from a family that had recently employed her.

There have been several reports about child abductions in different areas in Somalia. On the 21st of October, Universal TV covered a story about two women in the port city of Kismayo who were convicted of abducting a 2-year-old child.

One of the women stated that she was the one who abducted the child because she was promised $5000 by the other female culprit.

Although Somalia is a State Party to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, in reality, there is widespread failure to promote and protect the rights of children in the country.

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