36-Year-Old Leylo Saciid Murdered By Her Husband In A Refugee Centre In Germany

On Sunday 21st of June, a 36-year-old Somali woman who has been identified as Leylo Saciid was found dead in her accommodation at a refugee centre in Cloppenburg, Germany. Leylo was found with stab wounds on her body and passed on shortly after the arrival of the emergency services. 

The main suspect who is said to have been Leylo’s husband is 19-year-old Farah Ali. Police spokesperson Hendrik Ebmeyer stated that the neighbours who alerted the police prevented him from fleeing the scene.

According to HalQaran News, Leyla arrived in Germany approximately a year ago from Egypt.

Leyla’s two-year-old child who was present at the time of the murder has been handed over to the local child protection services.

[Photo credit: Facebook]

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