Somali-Swedish IS Brides To Be Sent To Somalia

Somali Ambassador to the European Union, Ali Said Faqi, recently spoke to the Ekot News Service of the Swedish State Radio where he stated that President Mohamed Abdullahi ‘Farmaajo’ is willing to take in Somali IS brides who have been denied to return to their home countries.

In June 2019, VOA News highlighted the cases of several Somali IS brides in al-Hawl refugee camp in Syria. Many of the women who travelled to Syria in order to join ISIS had European nationalities which they subsequently lost as a result of their association with the terror group. European governments are also unwilling to repatriate these women and their children due to national security concerns. 

It has been reported by Kurdish officials that there are between 30-40 Swedish citizens of Somali origin currently in al-Hawl refugee camp.

According to Ambassador Faqi, the women will not be prosecuted in Somalia as they did not commit a crime in the country.

Ambassador Faqi did not specify how the women would be integrated into Somali society and how the spread of IS ideology in Somalia would be contained with the arrival of IS brides.

[Image via Ivor Prickett/The New York Times]

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