Somali-Danish Girl Escapes “Rehabilitation Centre” in Mogadishu

An 18-year-old Somali-Danish girl who according to her family went missing in Mogadishu has been located safe and sound. Amaal Nuur Osman who was born and raised in Denmark was brought to Somalia a year and seven months ago to undergo “dhaqan celis” (cultural and religious rehabilitation). Amaal escaped the centre she was taken to by her family, along with several other young girls.

Last week, Amaal’s mother made an emotional appeal to the Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed ‘Farmaajo’ in order to get her daughter back, stating that Amaal had been kidnapped by presidential guards and that she was being mistreated and at risk of being raped.

Speaking to Deputy Police Commissioner Zakia Hussen, Amaal denies these allegations made by her mother and stated that after she escaped from the centre, she stayed with friends and was safe and had not been in contact with any person affiliated with the security sector in Somalia.

With the assistance of the Danish Ambassador to Somalia Mette Knudsen, Amaal is set to travel back to Denmark.

[Image via Dalsan TV]

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