Outspoken MP Amina Mohamed Abdi Killed In Beledweyne

Member of Parliament Amina Mohamed Abdi and at least 10 others were killed last night in the city of Beledweyne after twin explosions rocked the city. The lawmaker was in the city to vie for a third term in parliament. She was the sole female candidate running for re-election for the HOP#135 seat in Hiiraan.

Amina was known to be a staunch critic of Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo’s government and spoke openly about the disappearance of Ikran Tahlil.

Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble shared his condolences in an official statement on his website. In the statement, the PM said: “Lawmaker Amina, who was known for her role in the struggle for justice for the late Ikran Tahlil, and who almost had her parliamentary seat looted, was assassinated tonight in an attempt to disrupt justice and discourage anyone who seeks justice”.

In the statement the PM also shared that he would “bring to justice all kinds of criminals”.

No group has taken responsibility for the attacks in Beledweyne and Amina’s murder at the time of writing.

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