Somali PM Sets Up Committee To Oversee Implementation Of Women’s Quota In Parliament

On the 25th of July, the spokesperson of the Federal Government of Somalia and Senior Media Adviser to the Somali Prime Minister, Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu, shared on Twitter that Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble had appointed a 13-member committee “to guarantee & advocate for achieving at least 30% quota of women’s seats in parliament”.

This committee seems to have been set up at the recommendation of the Ministry of Women and Human Rights Development of the Federal Republic of Somalia, as they shared that they are “grateful to Prime Minister for accepting the ministry’s proposal to appoint a committee to ensure women’s quotas for the upcoming election”.

Currently, women hold 24% of the 329 seats in Somalia’s lower and upper houses of parliament.

Parliamentary elections are set to take place between the 10th of August and the 10th of September.

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