Popular Somali Artist Dayax Dalnuurshe Releases Single On Gender-Based Violence

On Sunday 21st of August, Dayax Mohamed Muuse, also popularly known as Dayax Dalnuurshe, announced via his Twitter account that he would be releasing a song on YouTube about rape and the issues facing Somali women.

The song titled “Indhuhu Ilin Beey Quben” (Eyes Brought To Tears) has garnered over 16,000 views less than 24 hours after its release.

Some of the lyrics include:

Maxaa dhalinyaroy kuhelay? (What happened to the youth?)

Maxaa dhegihiina xidhay? (What closed your ears?)

Miyaydaan dhiig laheyn? (Don’t you have blood?)

Dhibtaa hablihii ku dhacay (The troubles that the women are facing)

Gabdhahaan la xogayee (The girls that are being raped)

Miskiintaan la xogayee (The poor souls that are being raped)

The reactions to the song have been positive, with people commending the singer for speaking up against gender-based violence in Somalia.

In 2018, the Somali Council of Ministers unanimously adopted the Sexual Offences Bill which would seek to criminalize a wide range of acts of gender-based violence including rape, child marriage and sex trafficking.

However, it was never made into law which means that Somalia till this day does not have any legislation in place to protect its women from gender-based violence.

[Photo credit: Facebook]

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