Somali Authorities Shut Down Viral Plastic Surgery Clinic In Mogadishu

Obesity Centre, a plastic surgery and beautifying clinic in Mogadishu that recently went viral on social media, has been shut down. The controversial clinic was the first place in Somalia that offered dermal fillers.

The clinic was recently profiled by Shabelle TV, a local Somali news station. In the segment, a woman is shown undergoing a procedure that involved receiving skin treatment and hyaluronic acid lip filler. According to Shabelle TV, the clinic also offered a procedure that would “enhance a woman’s buttocks”.

Following the social media reaction to this video, Shabelle TV did a follow-up segment informing its viewers that the Obesity Centre was shut down due to the attention it received.

Dr Kamaluddin Abdiaziz, the founder and main surgeon at the clinic stated that government representatives approached him “in a respectful manner” in order to inquire more about the clinic due to the attention it garnered in the media. He stated that the clinic would be closed while the government does its “research” on some of the services offered but that it would be reopened once this was concluded.

There are currently no laws in Somalia regulating plastic surgery clinics and the use of dermal fillers.

At the time of writing, government and police representatives are yet to publicly comment on this matter.

[Photo courtesy: Shabelle TV YouTube]

2 thoughts on “Somali Authorities Shut Down Viral Plastic Surgery Clinic In Mogadishu

  1. She really said this is a human garage??
    Garage’s fix broken vehicles so you dont die …
    there is nothing broken in these women.
    Unless it is emotional and mental wellbeing and this place doesnt treat that.


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