Ramla Ali Wins Her Debut Fight As A Professional Boxer

On October 31st, Ramla Ali made her debut as a professional boxer beating her opponent Eva Hubmeyer 60-54 in six rounds.

On her historic win, Ramla tweeted about her determination to continue winning.

In 2016, Ramla won the Elite National Championships, the English Title Series and the Great British Elite Championships. She won these titles whilst representing England which ultimately made her the best amateur boxer in the country in her respective weight division at that time.

In 2017, Ramla decided to represent Somalia internationally and helped set up a national boxing federation in the country. Ramla is the first boxer in history to have represented Somalia at the Women’s World Championships which took place in 2018 in India.

Ramla has voiced her aspirations to represent Somalia during the next Olympics, which would make her the first boxer in history to ever represent the country at the games.

[Image via Twitter]

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