13-Year-Old Child Raped In A Government-Run Orphanage In Hargeisa

A 13-year-old girl named Awo Harir Raage who was placed in the Hargeisa Orphanage Center by her disabled parents has been suffering from continued sexually abuse. According to the child’s father, the sexual abuse has been occurring with the knowledge of the orphanage management.

Harir Raage, the father to the young victim, is publicly demanding accountability from the institution. In an interview with Horn Cable TV, Raage stated that the management of the orphanage has been aware of the abuses that his daughter suffered, and that the young child was even taken to a doctor after she became pregnant to get an abortion. He also claims that the management tried to get the young victim to marry one of her rapists in a bid to cover up the abuse.

In Somaliland, there is legislation in place specifically targeted towards criminalizing sexual offences such as rape and gender-based violence but the law is still awaiting approval from parliament.

The Somaliland Criminal Investigation Department has stated that an investigation to this case is currently ongoing and that they have five people in their custody.

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