Woman Has Her Finger Bitten Off Inside A Mosque In Norway

On Sunday evening, it was reported that two women were engaged in a fight inside a mosque located in the city of Oslo in Norway. One woman lost her finger during the fight.

The incident occurred at the Tawfiiq Islamic Center in Åkebergveien in Oslo, which is said to be one of Norway’s largest mosques. The mosque was founded by local Somali residents.

According to national broadcaster NRK, Oslo Police Chief Christian Krohn Engeseth stated that the incident involved a woman in her 30s who was attacked by a woman in her 50s.

A witness in the mosque stated that the victim was bleeding profusely from one hand and became unconscious.

The Oslo Police force commented on the incident on Twitter, stating that “Police and ambulance are on the site over a fight. Two women had been fighting, and a finger was bitten off. The victim was taken in the ambulance”.

“There are video images from a surveillance camera in the mosque that we will now look into” Engeseth said, as the motive remains unclear.

[Image via Vidar Ruud/NTB scanpix]

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