Somali Woman Who Was Gang-Raped By Nine Men Is Pleading For Medical Help

A woman in Mogadishu who has been identified as Khadijo Abdirahman Geeseey has given an interview with a local news agency where she details a horrific experience that left her physically and emotionally scarred.

Khadijo spoke to a local journalist about her ordeal which occurred a couple of years ago. She recalled how one of her neighbours offered to show her around the area and told her that she would take her to the local market, as Khadijo had just moved there. She says that the neighbour took a detour to a house and told her to sit outside.

Khadijo states that several men showed up as she was waiting for her neighbour to come back. She recalls how the men violently dragged her to a broken down area where they kept her for hours. She says that it was because of another group of men who had just come out of a mosque that she was able to escape from the rapists.

In the interview, Khadijo talks openly about the injuries that she suffered because of the men. She states that they knocked her teeth out, that she had internal bleeding, and she also describes an injury that can be classified as a fistula due to the violent rape that she suffered. While in the hospital, Khadijo was told that she was pregnant with twins.

Although the rape occurred years ago, Khadijo is still living with these traumas today.

Khadijo states that she hasn’t received any justice after her ordeal, even though she was still able to identify the men who raped her.

At the time of writing, the local police have yet to comment on Khadijo’s case.

N.B.: Khadijo needs medical care and needs donations. If you are able to donate, kindly get in contact with her directly as she has EVC (Electronic Voucher Card, mobile money). Khadijo Abdirahman Geeseey +252615198691.

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