Somali Female Hawkers In Eastleigh Claim Harassment By Somali Business Community

RTN TV, a regional Somali television station, recently did a segment where they interviewed several older Somali women who were frustrated by the treatment they’ve been receiving by the Somali business community in Eastleigh.

The women, who were not identified, spoke of the inability to hawk their goods due to the harassment they’ve been encountering from business owners. One woman stated that her goods are often taken away from her, leaving her with nothing to sell. Another woman spoke of being forced to pay bribes in order to sell her goods. They claim that the business owners are behind this.

Eastleigh is almost entirely populated by Somalis and the area is known to be one of the largest economic hubs in Nairobi. Although a great economic resource for private business owners and the Kenyan government, many people in the area live in acute poverty.

Many of the women in the interview are urging the Somali government to assist them with returning to Somalia if the business community fails to show empathy and stop the intimidation.

[Photo credit: YouTube]

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