The Cutest Somali Couples On YouTube

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we decided to make a list of our favourite Somali couples on YouTube so that you can see how beautiful, fun, and diverse Somali love can be.

1) Ely&Salmaan

This adorable young couple makes all sorts of interesting content on their channel; from travel vlogs, to prank videos, Ely and Salmaan make videos that are a joy to watch.


Asha and Radwan, who are both pilots, decided to start a YouTube channel in order to inspire young Somalis with their occupation and dreams. Although their channel only has 2 videos, the unique concept of their shared channel makes it a favourite in our books.

3) Queen Hawa

Hawa is a fashion designer that is based in Mogadishu, Somalia. She makes videos in Somali together with her husband Anwar. The channel features a lot of cute couple challenges and prank videos.


Kenny and Ayan are an interracial couple that lives in Canada. Their channel has a lot of food content and videos that highlight their respective cultures.

5) Aman&Munira

This couples channel is full of laughter! Their energy and chemistry is incredibly fun to watch.

6) Abz & Fio

This adorable couple has been making videos for years and can be considered YouTube royalty. Their viewers have watched them grow on their personal journey from being newlyweds to new parents.

7) The Badrus

The Badrus are a Nigerian-Somali family that live in the United Kingdom. Their channel doesn’t have that many videos, but their content is very wholesome and entertaining.

8) AJ&Fadna

Jamal and Fadhumo have one of the most interesting channels out there. Not only do they make humorous videos, they also create videos which offer social commentary on various issues. They are also one of the few YouTubers who create content in Somali.

Who are some of your favourite Somali couples on YouTube?

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