PM Roble: “MP Amina And Ikran Tahlil Were Killed By The Same Hand”

During a prayer ceremony that was held for the late Member of Parliament Amina Mohamed Abdi, Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble uttered words that will be remembered for a long time to come.

The PM stated that he is committed to the firm belief that the unlawful hand that took MP Amina’s life was the same hand that was behind the killing of Ikran Tahlil, which elicited applause from the audience.

Ikran Tahlil Farah was a 24-year-old Cyber Security Specialist employed by Somalia’s National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) who went missing in June 2021. The circumstances surrounding Ikran Tahlil’s disappearance and death are still unclear

Amina Mohamed Abdi was an MP that was killed during a suicide attack in the city of Beledweyne on the 23rd of March. Amina was known to be a staunch critic of Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo’s government and spoke openly about the disappearance of Ikran Tahlil.

The PM, noticeably taken by emotion, stated that he will risk his life unearthing the truth surrounding Amina’s case, as she was his “sister”. He said that he tried the best of his powers and abilities to hold those that are responsible for the murders accountable as they are still alive.

“God willing, Allah (SWT) will reveal their injustices if Allah (SWT) wills it, and I will not leave this case for as long as I live”.

[Photo courtesy of Dalsan TV Youtube]

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