Mogadishu Movie Night: The National Theatre Screens Its First Public Films In 30 Years

For the first time in 30 years, the National Theatre in Mogadishu, Somalia opened its doors to Somali moviegoers. The two movies which were screened, “Hoos” and “Date from Hell”, were both produced and directed by Somali filmmaker IBrahim CM.

On this special occasion, theatre director Abdikadir Abdi Yusuf stated “This is going to be a historic night for the Somali people: it shows how hopes have been revived … after so many years of challenges,” to AFP news agency.

Before the outbreak of the Somali civil war, the National Theatre was known to be the home of the nation’s cultural scene, hosting frequent plays and concerts. Built in 1967 as a gift from the late Chinese leader Mao Zedong, the building has always had historic relevance to the Somali people.

After years of renovations following a suicide attack within the building in 2012, the National Theatre was officially reopened on June 26th 2020 to commemorate Somalia’s 60th independence day.

[Photo courtesy: AFP]

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