13-Year-Old Girl Dies After Undergoing FGM In Somalia

According to recent media reports, a young girl from the Galmudug region of Somalia died earlier this month after having undergone female genital mutilation (FGM).

The girl, identified as Fartun Hassan Ahmed, bled to death after the procedure. According to the girl’s mother who spoke to the media, the family was unable to find transportation to the local hospital, which led to Fartun dying at her home.

In 2018, Somalia’s attorney general announced the country’s first criminal prosecution for the practice of FGM, after 10-year-old Deeqa Dahir Nuur bled to death in Dhusamareeb whilst undergoing FGM. There is currently still no nationwide legislation criminalizing FGM in Somalia.

Recently, the state of Puntland made news for approving the FGM Zero Tolerance Bill which is set to be submitted to parliament. The bill states that anyone who practices FGM including midwives, hospitals as well as individuals will be penalized.

If passed, Puntland will become the only state in Somalia to criminalize FGM.

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