Somali-Swedish Woman Receives Award For Her Community Leadership

23-year-old Muna Idow from Gothenburg, Sweden has recently been awarded the Kompassrosen (The Compass Rose) Award, which is a culture prize given to young leaders under the age of 25 that have positively impacted higher education, science or the common good.

The award is given out on the behalf of the King of Sweden, Carl XVI Gustaf. Muna is said to be the second Somali-Swedish citizen to ever receive the award.

Muna received recognition due to her work with the Mermaid Swimming School, an institution that she runs where children and adults are taught to swim in order to make them feel more included in society. She learned to swim only four years ago, and today she is a swimming teacher, sailing instructor, and plays underwater rugby in her free time.

Muna arrived in Sweden six years ago, which makes this recognition all the more significant. “We need to become more courageous leaders who dare to take on all the challenges that exist among newly arrived children, they need our support and our help to become independent individuals who believe in themselves and find their goals and dreams”, Muna stated.

The award ceremony will commence later this year at the Royal Palace in Stockholm.


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