Police In Somaliland Arrest A Woman For Posting A Video Abusing Her Housegirl

Authorities in Somaliland have arrested a woman for posting a video of herself verbally abusing a young girl who was working in her home.

The short clip which has been circulating on social media shows a heated verbal exchange between an older woman and a young girl. The woman, who has been identified as Zamzam Ismail Artan, can be heard repeatedly asking the housegirl “who sent you?”, and “what did you put in my food?”.

Zamzam Ismail Artan has been taken into custody to be questioned about her actions and to investigate the case further.

According to local media reports, the young girl in the video has been offered a job with the Central Bank of Somaliland. In a statement circulated to local media, representatives of the bank stated that they viewed the video which they deemed to be a violation of the girl’s basic rights, and have decided to hire the girl to work at the Central Bank of Somaliland. It is not clear what position the girl has been offered.

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