Girl Raped And Killed In Home Of Somaliland Minister’s Son

On the 30th of November, reports circulated on social media stating that a girl, who was identified as Nasteexo Ismaciil Adan, was raped and murdered in a house that belongs to the son of a minister in Somaliland.

The perpetrator has been identified by Nasteexo’s family as Mustafa Hassan Gaafaadhi, son of the current Minister of Planning Hassan Mohamed Ali Gaafaadhi.

Nasteexo was said to be from the Somali regional state of Ethiopia and came to Hargeisa to work as a house help.

Some of the girl’s relatives hit the streets of Hargeisa after the news broke demanding justice and urging President Muse Bihi to put pressure on the case.

Representatives from the Somaliland government and the local police are yet to comment on this case.

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