Women’s Organizations In Somalia Release A Joint Statement on International Women’s Day

In honour of International Women’s Day, on the 8th of March, several Somali organizations that focus on women’s issues released a joint statement directed towards the Federal Government of Somalia.

The organizations included IIDA Women’s Development Organization, Somali Women Agenda (SWA), Free Education for the People (FEFA), Banadir Development Foundation (BADEF) and a group representing the women of the Banadir region.

The organizations stated that they recognized the efforts made thus far in terms of the promotion and the protection of women’s rights but call on the government to increase its efforts. The statement calls for more action to protect the rights of women and human rights in general, more focus on political accountability towards the people of the nation, and urges the government to stop its disregard for international laws and regulations vis-à-vis human rights.

The organizations also urge the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmaajo and the Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia, Hassan Ali Kheyre to ensure that the Sexual Offence Bill, which was unanimously adopted by the Council of Ministers in 2018 becomes enacted into law.

According to the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security as of 2019, Somalia ranks 154 out of 167 countries, based on women’s wellbeing, empowerment and equality.

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