Police in Somaliland Fire Officer Who Was Filmed Abusing A Woman

A disturbing video which shows a police officer in Hargeisa physically abusing a woman has been circulating on social media.

The video shows officer Mahad Abdi Osman hitting and strangling an unidentified woman on the side of the road. The short clip ends once a passerby intervenes and manages to take the police officer’s hands off the woman’s throat.

The Somaliland Police posted a statement on their Facebook page where they distanced themselves from the abhorrent act whilst announcing the officer’s dismissal from his position.

“A few hours ago, officer Mahad Abdi Osman was filmed hitting a woman. We would like to assure the people of Somaliland that the police is the public’s friend and that the officer was dismissed for abusing his power while representing the Somaliland Police. The police is the public’s friend.”

Many on social media are acknowledging the swiftness of the actions taken by Brigadier General Mohamed Adan Saqadhi (Dabagale), the Commissioner of the Somaliland Police who was appointed in late 2019.

The wellbeing of the woman is not clear, as she remains unidentified.

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